Coming November 6, 2021 - preorders available now!

Concrete Mache (PER 004)
​Dan O'Brien (woodwinds), Caleb Duval (electric bass)

Coming December 2021

not yet titled (PER 005)
​Joe Morris (guitar), Ben Stapp (tuba), Dan O'Brien (woodwinds)

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I launched Phonoemulsion Records in 2021 as a means of finally documenting many of the incredible musical relationships that I've built through about a decade of work in and around Connecticut. This state has always had creative musical personalities doing their thing, often somewhat under the radar, and even as I've worked in the Boston and New York scenes in recent years, there's something about the pace of things in Connecticut that makes for interesting improvised and creative music output. Going forward, the goal is to document as many projects and working relationships as possible from the folks with whom I most enjoy making music.

The first three albums released on September 18, and featured duo performances with myself and Silvain Castellano, Grant Beale and Michael Larocca. Two additional releases are scheduled for 2021 - a duo with Caleb Duval titled Concrete Mache​, and a trio with Joe Morris and Ben Stapp. 

There are five releases set so far for 2022, and several projects in the works to be recorded in the coming year. These are updated and cataloged on my Discography page. Check back regularly for the latest news, and I hope you enjoy the ethos of creativity and diverse musical interaction that I aim to cultivate in these projects.  

                                                                   - Dan O'Brien, November 2021

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